Monday, May 9, 2011

{a lighter workload}...

I have been fortunate to have had a helping hand over the past 2 weeks and thus my workload has been alil's AMAZING as it gives me time to do other things that are still about the business!!

Hope you all had an amazing weekend and a HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all those who are Mums! Hope your family spoilt you and made you feel special :) I had a pretty busy weekend...just like any are last weeks cakes...

I loved the lil' blue guy...and was inspired to make this cake for MAZ's birthday....

cute lil' red!

The cake was a triple layer 6" strawberries and cream cake. Haha LOVED making this cake!

Next cake was a cake for Ange and Andy's baby shower...CUTE!!

This cake was a triple layer 6" round chocolate mudd cake...with a baby toosh and pea-looking toes...awwwwww!

I thoroughly enjoyed making this next cake...inspiration was provided by the client...

 The client wanted something like this, with the palm trees

Also to have a flag like in the image above.

I drew these up in Illustrator for the cake.

my line work...each section is for a colour...then once that's done...apply colour...

then ready for printing!

This is what I came up with...

Just felt like adding more and more things...but my husband had to stop me ahahaha! This cake is called a Jr SLAB and measures at 14" x 18" single layer of chocolate mudd cake covered in fondant.

HAPPY 6Oth BIRTHDAY Sonny Papalii Taimalelagi!!

Last cake of the week is called 'the SLAB' and measures to 14" x 31.5"  and is a single layer chocolate mudd cake, covered in fondant and decorated with edible colours  painted on.

I was given a few images for inspiration and came up with this:

Giant tiki statues on booth ends of the cake

The centre was inspired by 'ie lava lavas...

Painted hibiscus with edible gels etc.

Here is the end product. There was another flag that was inserted by the client behind the flag. It was a lot of fun making this cake. I love painting on cakes...and so I got my fix with this cake :) This cake is a heavy one and would need alot of boot space to transport it :)

A lot of fun as always and fully love doing what I do! More exciting cakes to come this week also stacks of cupcake orders. I don't post up cupcake photos unless it's something out of the ordinary. Will be opening up to bigger cupcake orders in the weeks to come!

[the build] is coming along...alot of red tape and homework for me and my husband...but fully worth it all! I am sooo looking forward to having the kitchen made, set hours for work and set hours for home. It's all blended at the moment but all in good time! I have a recipe to share with you all sometime today. I need to get onto my sons birthday invitations and birthday to plan!
Have an amazing week y'all

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