Sunday, April 10, 2011

{quick monday post}...


I am wide awake at 6:13am and not really supposed to be working...but as you know I have an order and it must be done! Most of the work for this baby was done lastnight. In order for products to be fresh they need to be made acouple days before pick up.

I am printing out the applications for the iphone 4 phone...and I am really excited! For this cake I didn't cover it in fondant...I find that if I had to kneed tons of black gel to make black fondant...I would use more black food gel then I would colouring chocolate frosting. So I have frosted the slab with black chocolate frosting! The corners are perfect and crisp...and now for the decorating.

The only issue for me is that the cake is thicker then the phone...I have already quoted a price for this cake...and heck I want the client to eat cake not a thin sliver of cake buried under frosting and fondant. At the end of the's about CAKE!!

I really loved making this cake! The icons were so much fun! Just a quick post up to show how it all went...then back to my family mondays :P


ps: Did you try the hot cross buns? :p

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