Tuesday, June 28, 2011

{catching you up...}

HELLLLLOOOOO and here I am again, attempting to catch you up on cakes/orders that have been and gone! So I will get right to it...


It was half of the helmet. The grill had some help from wire on the inside...it was quite fidgety but worked out pretty well :)

This cake gave me a few challenges and I learnt so much with this particular cake!

Love learning new things...so this cake was really pushing my limitations.

Looking forward to the next challenge :P The black fondant was achieved by mixing black edible colour powder with the Wilton black food gel...it takes alot of kneading to get it right...but well worth it!

The next order on this long list...

25th ANNIVERSARY mini cupcakes...with customized flags!

The colour is silver for the 25th anniversary...so as you can see...that's what was used...with a lil' purple :P

just another angle of the cupcakes. There were 75 minis...looks like a lot more then that though...

there's the purple...

Minis on the stand!

Happy belated Anniversary Maureen and Chris xox

Next up another ANNIVERSARY order...

Every fortnight I have been selling bulk regular cupcakes, in boxes of 6's 9's and 12's. He's an order that was from and to someone extra special...

19 chocolate mudd cupcakes and 1 special white chocolate mudd cupcake for the someone special!

Packaging plays a big part with orders...it's important that they look presentable and gift ready...

Loved making this order...as I do every order...something about it that just says LOVE. Love for what I do, love for food, love that is given to others...as in gifts. It's all LOVE! xox

Next order...


This cake was ordered for the clients father who has always wanted a boat...but never quite got one. We all know they cost an arm and a leg...or maybe acouple legs :P so this was a lil' something special and funny...just for him!

This boat was sooo cute and was made from 2 6" round cakes! It was so much fun and also using the piped frosting as the water...FUN!

Called the boat...I'M FREE...as in...free like a bird and dreams are free...thought it was cute/funny :P

Everything was edible except the flag and the windscreen of the boat.

So much fun...loved it!! xox

So much more to show...and it will have to continue next time! hope you have been entertained! I will have a couple recipes to share as well!! Hope you are warm...


Sunday, June 12, 2011

[I want...HOMEMADE mayonnaise...]


EGGS are one of thee most amazing ingredients [i think]. Their characteristics are just amazing! Yolk thickens [mayonnaise] , egg whites make things light and fluffy [mousse], together they keep a cake recipe together, they are healthy, beaten with a little water make an egg wash, giving pastries, scones a  lovely sheen and browny colour.

There is just so much one can make with EGGS! You may look at the oil and think...'how is this healthier?' Well no preservatives and you know exactly what you are putting into it. Besides...you're not going to eat the lot on your own...right??

For this recipe, you just need a whisk, a bowl and the ingredients. A towel under the bowl will help it stay in the one place, as you will be whisking the whole time. I would keep this for the week, then make a new batch for the new week. Here is an awesome recipe that you can use and spruce up with a little something else.

2 egg yolks, at room temperature
1 tbsp Dijon mustard (optional)
Salt and pepper to taste
250ml oil, at room temperature
2 tbsp white vinegar or lemon juice

Stand a mixing bowl on a tea-towel on the work surface. Put the egg yolks, Dijon mustard (optional) a little salt and pepper in the bowl and mix with a whisk.
Slowly add the oil in a think trickle to begin with, whisking continuously.
As the Mayonnaise begins to thicken, add the oil in a steady stream, still whisking all the time. When the oil is completely incorporated, whisk more rapidly for 30 seconds, until the mayonnaise is thick and glossy.
Add the vinegar or lemon, taste and adjust the salt and pepper.


{catching you up...}

OKAY! It has been a month since my last entry...my goodness have I been busy?? So much has happened and I'm just trying to get everyone caught up on what's been going on since the last time you heard from me :P

So the orders are as follows...

the ' BOY OH BOY' baby shower order. 6" moist carrot cake, with a JUNGLE theme.

in the box...

cute lil LION...rrrrraaahhh!

the naughty lil MONKEY...o o a aaa...

cute lil big hippo!

It was so much fun making the animals....first time that I had made each of them! Looking forward to the next one :P
The order came with light lemon cupcakes tied in with the theme and colours...

For the flags, I included in the animals that weren't sitting on the cake :)

Of course on the reverse side are my details.

The next order was a THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE 3D cake!

This cake is chocolate mudd cake covered in fondant! Thomas is sitting on a train track.

There are a few shrubs/bushes along the sides there. Thomas is covered in icing sugar which is supposed to be soot :P

Thomas is carrying coal :)


That's all on the CATCHING UP part...more to come this week! Just REALLY busy at the moment.