Sunday, June 12, 2011

{catching you up...}

OKAY! It has been a month since my last goodness have I been busy?? So much has happened and I'm just trying to get everyone caught up on what's been going on since the last time you heard from me :P

So the orders are as follows...

the ' BOY OH BOY' baby shower order. 6" moist carrot cake, with a JUNGLE theme.

in the box...

cute lil LION...rrrrraaahhh!

the naughty lil MONKEY...o o a aaa...

cute lil big hippo!

It was so much fun making the animals....first time that I had made each of them! Looking forward to the next one :P
The order came with light lemon cupcakes tied in with the theme and colours...

For the flags, I included in the animals that weren't sitting on the cake :)

Of course on the reverse side are my details.

The next order was a THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE 3D cake!

This cake is chocolate mudd cake covered in fondant! Thomas is sitting on a train track.

There are a few shrubs/bushes along the sides there. Thomas is covered in icing sugar which is supposed to be soot :P

Thomas is carrying coal :)


That's all on the CATCHING UP part...more to come this week! Just REALLY busy at the moment.



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