Tuesday, January 22, 2013

2013 is here...!!!

WELCOME 2013!!
What a ride 2012 has been!! I know that I have been slack with my blog entries! My last one was in April [Easter]!! So...what's new??
We have a studio in the Lindale Shopping Complex! We moved in late November! I have been working my booty off and inching my way to having the shop doors open during the day for cupcakes, slices, cheesecakes with hot drinks!
We have so much in store this year...and although I am wanting to jump the gun...I will just continue to keep inching to my dreams :D
This month we have our part-time intern start up, our baker will be undergoing some intense baking tutorials...and we have High Tea parties on the cards. We will be working with Divine Kapi-tea for that - we are so excited!!
So - I can't say much more about what we have planned this year...it's more for the action to take place...can't be all talk yunno :P
Here are just some of the images from last year...I haven't even had time to catch up on posting the images yet. Hold on tight peeps...this year will be a tough one...but it is definately worth all the hard work and sleepless nights!!

One more announcement before I bounce - I have just completed my Barista course...so coffees are now on the menu!! YAY!!




  1. Wishing you all the best for 2013 sis. Looks like you have achieved your dreams tenfold. Awesome work. Hope to catch up soon ok, def come out see your place soon x

  2. Hey SIs!! Thanks for your kind words! It has been a quite a ride thus far! Yes it would be great to catch up...been a while huh? Once we are all moved to Pram yall will have to come and visit :D xox