Thursday, November 10, 2011

{{so...Christmas is fast are some awesome concepts to try...}}

Everybody loves Christmas! The BUZZ, the longer nights at the malls, the discounts...everything! For me personally, in my head I plan the menus! Things we can make with the kids, and just in general!

So all year round we live in Wellington. My Husband being Indian, Indian is the predominant culture in the house. I myself am Samoan, and so when we get to Auckland...Christmas is extra we get to eat the Samoan style foods! Corned beef...(not everyday - but definitely on Christmas), chop suey, taro with coconut cream...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Also the baking! My siblings all have specific dishes that we make! My eldest sister makes chop suey like Mum makes...we usually have chicken chop suey and a few other yummies. My younger sister makes the bomb salads, surimi salad, green salads etc. The lil' bro has perfected the bacon and egg pie...the list goes on!!

So with all that in my head...I am thinking of cute ways to decorate the tree and lil' bits and pieces - check out what I hope to try this Christmas...

These are soooo cute and seem easy to make! Felt is cheap depending on where you purchase it from. Check out your local fabric stores, or just head on down to your trusty Spot light store.

The link for these are here... you will find the template and 'how to' info...
super cute!

I love Martha Stewart, she and her team have such amazing minds! They also have come up
with this very easy and cost effective concept. You could make these for centerpieces maybe? How
beautiful :) Not food but these would work so well on the table...YES?

check out the 'how to' here...

CUTENESS!!! The kids would LOVE this!! In making it - it would be difficult
because kids have their own ideas, and would want to inject far more colour! Maybe if you make one
the night before Christmas for your centerpiece and have bits and pieces ready for the kids to
construct their own? It could make for an awesome 'following instruction' activity.

Want the 'how to'?? Say yes :P check it out here...

These are cool, both in Wellington and Auckland we don't do alcohol - but these can be made for
any bottle! I think these would look cute for cans of pop or small bottles of pop. Very cute!
I can see my men and I make these on the lead up to!!

Do you attend semi-formal Christmas functions? Or wanting to spice up your own? Get the kids
in on it - these look awesome...and expensive :P

Here's the 'how to'...

Being a female who loves to wear jewellery - some often get pulled and end up broken! Well especially when you have kids, that tends to happen! So when I saw this, I thought..."this is perfect",
I get to use up my old broken necklaces and earrings to do something creative! I haven't thrown
any of it away, so I have a lot of stuff to work with!

Find out how to make these here...

LOVE THESE!! Look how beautiful these look...and colour just makes everything pop!! Make these, make these!!! Get the recipe here...

I don't know if you do peanuts...we don't - but presented like this...we could :P Especially with a cute
little hammer...

cute and simple!! Packaging makes everything that much more expensive looking! On a tight budget and need to make some cool gifts or to hang something on the tree? Makes these...

check out the 'how to'...

OK, you know I can do this all night!! It's almost 5pm here in India and so about midnight in New Zealand! I haven't been around much lately...because when I was in NZ I was soooo flat out with orders. Now here on holiday - I'm holidaying. As mentioned ages ago...I will be blogging so not only am I keeping this blog but also another filled with our adventures here in India!

Check out what we get up to here...
I really miss baking, it's been about 20days since the last time I baked...and I'm craving to try some recipes! Having said that...we don't have an oven here at home...but my other sister in law down the road might. I will keep you all informed as much as possible!

Hope these concepts are circulating in your minds, giving's not far til Christmas so get your skates on!!


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